Entertainment The interactive, wireless individual multimedia solution - with or without touch screens - where one can navigate around different content (movies, music, television, internet, corporate information, advertising ..).
Live TV The solution allows television and radio to be enjoyed, anywhere during the route. Offer your travelers a wide range of live television channels (Free-to-air (FTA) and Pay-per-view): news, sports, and television series.
Azimut WiFi The specific WiFi solution for coaches which can be fully managed remotely from its web management platform. This solution, true market leader, will provide your customers access to high quality, multi-country internet access, with web navigation at full speed for all simultaneously-connected passengers .

AZIMUT Bus Solutions, division of the AZIMUT Electronics Group, is responsible for the development and marketing of innovative entertainment systems for coaches.
At AZIMUT Bus Solutions, we assist our clients throughout the process of implementing any of our on-board entertainment solutions and act as technological partner once the system is installed on board.
AZIMUT Bus Solutions offers a comprehensive service that ensures the satisfaction of all of our customers.

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    Alike airline’s passenger experience, thanks to AZIMUT ELECTRONICS, coach and ferries passengers can now access to an on-board WiFi platform providing them with connectivity but also with standalone content. One of this year’s new trend is the integration of interactive destination guides and deals, enabling passengers to prepare their journey during their trip, and even […]
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  • The need to have on board one unique platform to link all these utilities
    The need to have on board one unique platform to link all these utilities
    There are more and more new elements in the coaches, this poses a problem when installing them, and in order to have enough available space to locate all these servers and control units both on the driver´s panel as well as in other parts of the bus. For this reason it is necessary to unite […]
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  • The need for on board entertainment
    The need for on board entertainment
    On board entertainment is not exclusive to long-haul flights! Hereafter, most means of transport (railways, coaches, cruise ships) include an entertainment solution on board so as to increase the passenger’s experience. In an increasingly globally connected world, passengers are no longer content to be simply reading: they also expect an internet connection. In order to […]
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