5 tips to increase the satisfaction of your passengers on short journeys

As we know, when we talk about audiovisual entertainment, the first thing that comes to mind are movies and series, but what happens when our journeys last less than half an hour? It is clear that, if it is a round trip, we will be able to consume longer content in 2 parts, although, if what we want is to offer entertainment adapted to these situations, we must include complementary content that allows us to expand the range of profiles of passenger to whom our offer reaches:


  1. Launch polls.

This should be the first step in order to measure satisfaction on board. As individuals, we may have some idea of what might and might not work, although what happens on board may be totally different. Are you getting feedback directly from your passengers? Do you know their opinion in order to improve or enhance the services? We usually forget this step and that is why it is very important to start by getting to know our passengers.


  1. Offer music on board.

It is known that today music is part of our daily lives, even if it is in the background. Although we may think that all users already have a subscription to some platform for this content, this is not always the case and, therefore, a perfect alternative is to offer musical threads on board and, bearing in mind that we are familiar with traveling with the radio turned on, making the most listened-to general or music radio stations available to your passengers is possible in the easiest way. do you know her


  1. Books

It is very common to see passengers reading books during their trips. It is a very common form of entertainment in transport. We can say that they enhance the travel experience to a high degree, but what if, instead of having your passengers bring their own books, you offered them a catalog on board? Whether through on-board screens or from their own devices, offering an offer of books on board is a must to reach certain passenger profiles.


  1. Audiobooks

One of the most recent types of content and whose consumption is on the rise. We are becoming more and more familiar with consuming audio-only content that tells us a story, informs us, or even allows us to learn and improve. Although we think that it is still a "niche" content, the consumption trend is changing and allowing your passengers to relax in their seats with a great story is a plus in the trip that increases satisfaction and the travel experience.


  1. Journals

Today, there are magazines for all audiences. Magazines inform us, entertain us, keep us up to date on celebrity love affairs, or even help us improve our skills. Virtually any hobby already has a printed number that can be accessed. Our audience data also indicates that it is a content of high use on board because they are enjoyable, fresh and very entertaining. The hard part about offering magazines on board is keeping the issues fresh. Who has not visited a place where they offer magazines and they were old? In the end, the importance of keeping a quality offer on board and up to date is very important to maintain an excellent level of service.


And now that we have read these tips we ask ourselves, and how am I able to put so much different content on board without dying trying? Very easy.

Thanks to the fact that we have partnered with the successful Nextory platform to expand our portfolio, your passengers will be able to enjoy a wide range of content on board at no extra cost.

Do you want to know how to take advantage of this agreement? Tell us your story and take your content offer on board to another level.