ADAS, a unique active driver-assistance

The Azimut active driver-assistance system is a full system of functions for assisting driving. It therefore optimises the level of safety and eliminates risks derived from external circumstances.

Based on artificial intelligence technology, we process algorithms with absolute precision which constantly improve their own performance and reliability. Thus, the system learns from experience thanks to deep learning, or machine learning, and its effectiveness increases each day.

Consider that 95% of accidents which occur could be avoided simply by warning the driver three seconds in advance. With this system, you will offer your drivers a fully effective tool which can provide them the necessary information in sufficient time to allow them to make a safer decision.


System needs and operation

If you are thinking that the system may be complex and its installation in your whole fleet may not be feasible, nothing could be further from the truth! Although the system uses sophisticated technology, its requirements are minimal and it can be installed quickly in any vehicle. In this way, the necessary investment is minute, especially compared with the significant benefits that it grants you and the added value it entails for your company.

The system consists of an intelligent hub, which is also able to manage the DSM system that we will see further on, and a high definition camera in each vehicle. Its threshold for image capture allows it to be effective in conditions with nearly zero visibility, the most adverse weather conditions not becoming an obstacle.

This strategically placed camera establishes permanent monitoring of the whole area being observed, immediately sending all data collected to the intelligent CPU. The data is analysed through a series of algorithms, adapting to the circumstances and even the characteristics of each driver.

The warning is sent in milliseconds after a potential risk situation is detected, significantly increasing the driver’s reaction time and detecting circumstances which may have gone unnoticed by the professional. The sound alarm is unmistakable, and is reinforced with light icons clearly presented on the 14 inch screen of the system on the dashboard. The whole system is designed and tested under the most adverse operating conditions, including an anti-vibration system which guarantees proper operation and its long operating life.


The functions of the ADAS system

Among the most notable functions, we can indicate the following. You will find that all of them are highly useful!

  • The system for detecting pedestrians or animals in the trajectory avoids the possibility of collisions and inappropriate reactions or violent manoeuvres. First is the warning of detecting a pedestrian in the field of proximity with a green icon; if this is not sufficient, if applicable, there will be an alert for the imminent risk of collision with red lights and sound alarms.
  • Monitoring and control of distance from other vehicles, essential for guaranteeing effective braking and having a sufficient reaction time in case of any incident. It informs the driver of proximity in seconds, indicating safe headway in green and unsafe headway in red.
  • The system for monitoring the lines of the road, including detection of entering the oncoming lane if the indicator is not used. This function works even in extreme conditions of low visibility.

Other notable characteristics are its GPS system, its speed control, its Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connectivity, its removable storage on SD cards and its six position G sensor. The most comprehensive system!