Advantages of internal storage on a router for the dissemination of contents

Routers often give us only the ability to have multiple modems and multiple SIM cards connected simultaneously or not, depending on the need and the number of operators we hire along the way.

With certain routers, for example, we can comprise a range of 16Gb contents to spread to the passengers, thanks to its internal memory.

How does it work? Let’s see:

  • We can program the router so that it connects with a certain cadence to our own server or an outsourced server that would be in the cloud, where we can upload a number of well-identified folders in order to download them to the device afterwards.
  • These folders can contain short videos, such as 1-3 minutes of advertising videos or corporate communication.
  • Passengers route information
  • Company News
  • Satisfaction surveys or others.

Once the router is connected to the cloud, if there is any new file, it is automatically downloaded and replaced with the old one. Thus, users in the bus will have constantly updated information.

What would happen to a route change in a particular line, or an offer…?

The customer would be informed of what is happening in real time, pressing the NEWS button. This way we are using Wi-Fi as a communication tool on the bus, not only the customers have Internet access, but we can also communicate with them, interact and promote customer loyalty through this connection.

We could say that we are offered a world of contents along with Wi-Fi. This system is quite good, and it can be used in urban or tourist buses.

As I said before, it helps to be another tool of communication with the customer.

It is already being used in the Reunion Island, in the CARS JAUNES to provide information on the island to both residents and tourists who visit every year