Extending the traditional concept of WiFi: GPS positioning

In today's article we are going to comment on an additional functionality that the most advanced WiFi systems have, we are talking about integrated GPS positioning.

The first thing that comes to mind when we mix WiFi and GPS in the same solution is why? What is the relationship between offering WiFi to passengers and GPS positioning?

These questions have several interesting answers from the point of view of complementing the WiFi solution. I say this because it is possible that for some carriers, having a WiFi solution that acts as a location system at the same time can be something of great value, either because they do not have a location tool or because this would allow them to dispense with their current location service, thus saving the cost of said service.


Positioning vehicles on the map
Positioning vehicles on the map


That said, the advantages that a GPS system brings to a WiFi solution could be highlighted as follows:

1) Technical maintenance of the service: thanks to having the vehicle located at all times in the same WiFi service management application, the technical staff is able, in the event of an incident, to gather information on possible failures in the service, knowing the geographical points where the service has failed so you can remotely give a quick and accurate diagnosis.

2) Planning and quality of service: advanced Wi-Fi systems are capable of associating the GPS position of the vehicle and its route to the network protocol that it is using at all times, so we will be able to accurately determine the quality of the Wi-Fi service that we are going to to have on our entire route. Thanks to this, we will be able to discover weak points along the route where the coverage does not allow us to provide a quality service, either due to low speed or non-existent data coverage.

3) Integration with external systems or applications that require real-time positioning data of the vehicle. A clear example could be a mobile APP for passengers/users that shows where the vehicles are in real time.

As we can see, having a GPS system integrated into our WiFi solution opens up a range of options at the management level and new applications or developments that we cannot miss.

En route data coverage analysis
En route data coverage analysis

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