Analytics: Knowing your business weaknesses and strengths with a click.

As professionals of the sector, we’ve all wanted to have the opportunity to see the users of our services to know their level of satisfaction. Being able to measure their passenger experience without them knowing that we’re monitoring them is much more simple than you think. Our entertainment platform has a system that collects passengers’ browsing data and stores them for a later analysis. This is very useful at the time of knowing if the new movie or TV series that you’ve added is successful, which is the most listened music album or if you must invest in that new content you’ve been offered to try or not. The possibilities are nigh impossible.


1 passenger, 1 browsing route.


Have you imagined meeting your passengers without actually being in the bus? We’ll help you do it.

From Azimut, we monitor our clients’ use of the platform, not only to improve the passenger experience, but to be able to be a step ahead on any situation depending on the stored data. Our analytics show the date of the following actions of the users:

  • Use of the system: it shows from which device they’ve accessed, what section, and for how long.
  • Use of the internet: tells us how many users have used the internet service and for how long they have done so.
  • Use of the content: this gives us the audience data about the titles. What’s been watched, for how long, and how many times it’s been selected. Thanks to a series of complex algorithms, the information is crossed, and it shows very valuable information to know the satisfaction of the passengers with the content in our system. The preferences of our users are subjective, and what may work very well on a route, may not work so good on another. This is due to the fact that the profile of the passenger changes. The buses with shorter routes give rise to consume shorter content such as TV series, but if we’ve got a long trip ahead, having a quality film offer is the key for said trip to be more pleasant.
  • Use of the items: if a client includes publicity or information that shows up automatically, the system can measure which has been the most seen video in that kind of viewing.

Our system can be accessed from any device, and on top of that we offer the passengers the accessibility from a touch screen on the front seat’s back. Curiously, thanks to the analytics, we’ve discovered that the passengers would rather, in a high percentage, access to the content from them without having to use their devices, nobody likes running out of battery in route! (though we have already put a solution to that problem).


The viewing of this data is very simple, although to those worried about having a service of quality and to know their weaknesses and strengths, our analytics allow for deeper studies, too. To achieve a detail report in our platform, we’ve included different filters to be able to select schedules and specific buses, this way it will be easier for us to see each route separately.


How to always keep up with the latest knowing the tendencies.


It’s hard to always keep up with the latest when we’ve got a fleet with different routes, with very different passengers’ profiles, which are permanently rotating. It can truly be puzzling. A way to have an excellent service is to know the tendencies of the passengers. As we know, trends come and go, so knowing what our passengers crave is important to know their tastes. As an example; if you, as a transport service operator saw that all of a sudden the movies of Pajares and Esteso came back treading loudly, you would want to be the first to know and to include it in your offer! If we focused our efforts in keeping up in what’s most consumed in our fleet, we could anticipate outcomes exploiting this obtained information to use it to our favour.

The competition in the transports sector is overwhelming, therefore it’s important to know the many ways to differentiate from your competitors. Imagine that, in a certain area, due to the passenger profile, TV would be a lot more consumed, but you don’t have it in your vehicles yet. This is when you get the key to success in that area and to break away, increasing your income.

Furthermore, let’s not forget how important social media are nowadays. A satisfied user is a chance for them to talk positively on them, and so a way to get to more people. If, on top of that, we’ve got quality, fresh new content, you can be sure that your image will improve towards possible future users.


I’ve got the data… now what?


At a glance to the collected data we could obtain conclusions about our service, but, for what? We know how hard it is to manage a company and that it’s impossible to be everywhere. In Azimut we’ve got a great team of professionals that give support to our customers in every aspect that are necessary, even in analyzing all of that collected data. Many of them already enjoy a personalized assessment about the analytics and are improving the satisfaction of their passengers. Not everything goes when an economic investment is at stake, reason why all of this is included in our content services for your peace of mind. Because giving the best passenger experience to your users with Azimut is easier than your think.