Audio-visual Content Exhibition Licence on board, Which is required ?

The Audio-Visual Content Exhibition Licence required in order to offer movies or other contents in the individual onboard entertainment system, is one of the biggest questions for the bus operators. Which is the license required in order to broadcast movies? ¿ Any other license in required for contents like live TV, music , etc? Those are some of the questions that we are going to answer in this post.

Licencia de exhibicion publica de contenidos audiovisuales


All the audio-visual contents offered onboard have to be previously authorized, and this authorization is obtained by the subscription of the audio-visual content exhibition license. This license it is not the same  for all sort of contents, this license changes depending on the type of emission. We are going to differentiate between movies and other type of contents like live TV , music and so on.

License for the exhibition of movies

The exhibition of movies onboard in covered by the license of the company MPLC. This license can be directly obtained in Spain but from our point of view the faster and most comfortable option for the operator is to arrange it directly with the distributor of the individual onboard entertainment system. This will save time to the operator which will be used to attend the necessities of the core areas of their business.

The annual fee paid for this license allows the operator to exhibit the titles covered by the license, most of the movies availables in the market, including the productions of the biggest American companies.

Exhibiton of other audio-visual contents

The exhibition of other type of contents  like live television, music….is submitted to other type of licenses, that in this case, the operator has to transact directly with the entities which manage the intellectual property rights.

Those a usually a single payment licenses and can be used all along the product life of the coach. The main difference between those licenses and the licenses required for the exhibition of movies is the annual fee required by the licenses needed to exhibit movies onboard.