Increases driving safety and reduces the risk of accidents

Of all the 360º peripheral perimeter vision systems on the market, the Azimut system is the most advanced and the one with the best features. It is a compact solution of cameras with 180º angular vision that are connected to an 8” monitor to create an integrated 360º peripheral perimeter image of the exterior of the vehicle. The monitor itself integrates the image processor and all the control electronics, so that it is not necessary to install more hardware on board. For more information on how it works visit the Azimut Vision 360 section.

The system is suitable for even very long vehicles. For example, to install the system on a 15 meter long bus, it is necessary to install 6 cameras around the vehicle: a front camera, a rear camera, and two cameras on each side. Mention that other systems on the market can only manage one camera per side, so that, for very long vehicles, making the 360º image with only 4 cameras in total is complicated, and sometimes impossible. In this sense, the Azimut system is indisputably the only one on the market applicable to practically all types of vehicles (buses, trucks, tractors, trailers, caravans...), including long and very long articulated vehicles.

Once the cameras are installed and configured on the bus, the next step is the calibration of the system using the calibration kit that comes with the equipment. The calibration kit consists of blankets that are easily placed on the ground around the vehicle in order to calibrate and overlap the images from all the cameras in order to correctly create the 360º image. The provision of the blankets is very fast, thanks to the explanations in the equipment installation and configuration manual. Also, once the calibration blankets are set, the system software includes an Auto Calibration function, so it calibrates automatically. With the Auto Calibration feature, 4 of the 6 cameras are automatically calibrated, so only two cameras need to be manually calibrated. In this way, it is possible to have the system calibrated in less than half the time that in the case of other 360º systems on the market. This is an important advantage of this system over others from the competition.

Once the camera system has been calibrated, the system offers a clear 360º full screen HD image of the exterior of the vehicle on the 8” monitor. Other competitor systems do not include a monitor, or are smaller than 8”. In addition, they do not offer the full screen 360º image, since the screen is split to show the rear camera simultaneously. In this way, with the Azimut system, the 360º image is larger, and therefore easier for the driver to see. The system maximizes the display of the 360º image to the entire screen, and only shows the rear when reverse gear is engaged. In the same way, only the side is displayed on the screen when each of the indicators is activated. Note that this functionality does not have the majority of the teams of the competition.

When moving the vehicle, what is most impressive is the total real-time sensation of the moving image. In other competitive products, when the vehicle is in motion, the image is observed to jump and with an appreciable delay. Instead, with this system, the image is perfectly continuous and in real time. In this way, what is observed on the monitor is really what is happening outside the vehicle at that moment. Driving safety is therefore guaranteed. It is completely feasible to be able to circulate looking only at the monitor when driving, especially when maneuvering at low speeds such as when parking. In fact, it is possible to park the vehicle looking only at the monitor, and there is no need to look at the rear view mirrors. Awesome!

Azimut's 360º perimeter vision camera system also integrates blind spot detection functionality. At the same time that the driver enjoys a peripheral view of 360º around the vehicle, the system itself is responsible for detecting obstacles in the blind spot areas, and acoustically and visually warns the driver in the event of detecting a moving obstacle around the vehicle. In this way, the system is perfect for increasing driving safety and reducing the risk of traffic accidents. The system is capable of handling a greater number of cameras, cascading several systems. In this way it can be extrapolated to practically all types of vehicles, regardless of their length.

This advanced solution increases driving safety and reduces the risk of accidents. The driver and passengers will feel safer on board the vehicle. The advantages of this system are not only based on reducing possible collisions around the vehicle, but also thanks to the total vision it offers, the driver can maneuver at low speeds more easily and thus avoid possible damage by having a faithful reference to real time of the objects to avoid.