Azimut: A solution for each necessity

In Azimut we know the systems and processes used to improve the passengers’ experience and the company’s both, which directly impacts the Return of Inversion. At present getting on the entrepreneurial world and create a company from zero is definitely a challenge. Few risk themselves to start in the tough, but gratifying style of being a worker by their own accord. It’s because of this that, once the first step’s been walked, the entrepreneur must count on a set of services to help in their development and optimization of resources.


The passenger and you: Knowing the necessities

The best way to understand our strengths and weaknesses is to put ourselves in the skin of a passenger and the people who work on board of a bus. The smallest detail can impact very positively, or negatively the experience of both. In this case we will focus on the passengers, and for this, we shall ask ourselves: “If I was the passenger, what would I like to find throughout this trip and what was lacking in past experiences?”. In Azimut we’ve already asked this same question, and thanks to our years of experience, we’ve developed a series of services that will ease the life of our customers up.

  • Entertainment system on board: Offer your passengers hours upon hours of fun and entertainment with movies, series, games, music, and e-books. Because every trip, when we’ve got recreation to our disposal, it stops being a mere procedure to be a way to enjoy. All this grouped up in content packs designed by us based on audiences with which you’re sure to succeed.
  • Content “À la carte”: To complement our packs, we’ve got a service of content “À la carte” where you’ll be able to choose, by yourself, the movies we’ve uploaded to the buses.
    • Individual screens to enjoy all the content: In Azimut we count with 3 different screen sizes to visualize all of the content on board: 7″, 9″, and 10″. Very resilient, visually attractive screens that will add an extra to this service, given that the user won’t see themselves forced to use a cell phone to access the platform.
  • Personalization of “Look & Feel”: With this service you’ll be able to personalize the entertainment system interface with your very own logo and corporative image to give it a more personal touch.
  • TV: Having the possibility to watch TV on board is made possible by our techonology.
  • Cloud, the platform that will make your life easier: Our remote services of entertainment converge in a novel platform where you’ll be able to obtain very useful information for your business IN REAL TIME: You will be able to know where your buses are at any given moment and if they’re functioning, configure ads to provide your users with important information, conduct surveys to know the level of satisfaction of your passengers, report incidents in a quick manner to make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible, to organize the fleet of buses by groups and, at last, the service that will make you understand what’s liked and what’s not amongst your users, the audiences. With respect to this last point, in Azimut we currently help our customers understand the passenger profile of their fleets to know their needs. We analyze tendencies, data, viewing time of the contents and draft complete reports of audiences that will throw much light regarding future investments. Because it’s much easier to take decisions when we know our situation 100%.


The complexity of the everyday life

As simple as a process might look, it doesn’t mean it has to be. In Azimut we know our customers very well, and we understand they don’t have enough time to supervise everything. Because of it, we offer a complete solution regarding entertainment on board. Our studies detect the points to strengthen in each fleet of buses to solve any weaknesses that could become a long-term problem on time. We know the image of a company is vital nowadays, which is why our professionals keep up with marketing strategies, Social media, and to boost the strengths of each customer. And all of this for you to not worry about a thing. We offer the possibility to upload corporative content to the vehicles (videos, guides, etc.) so that your users know your company much better. A satisfied user means a client has had a good experience and wants to repeat it, which impacts directly on the increase of tickets sold, and at the same time, it improves your brand image since, thanks to this investment, you’ve managed to set yourself aside from the competence and triumph on the market.

The importance of the detail


In a world where we’ve got practically anything to our grasp, differentiation is the base of success. Competition is tough, moreso when we work on account of someone else. To detect, know, develop, and optimize should be the four fundamental pillars to our business strategy. As small as something may be for a passenger, it may be huge for the next, so to detect eventualities soon makes it for a possibility to react on time.


Thanks to all of our services, you’ll have the most complete offer in the market of the entertainment on board, and, also, the easiest way. Our professionals will be available to you, to assess you with whatever doubt you may have, and above all, to help you on your way to success.