How do you Choose the Best USB Charger for your Bus?

Three years ago, the possibility of passengers charging their devices with USB ports passed from being an option to a necessity.

The Dangers of Low-quality USB Chargers

At the beginning, any USB charger would do the job. Any one imported from China seemed good enough but lacked all sorts of safety measures. This endangered even the technicians who installed them since even a switching of the poles or overvoltage could cause a small fire.

Later on, USB chargers started being produced with safety measure against these issues with the end goal of solving the primary needs of those installing them. At the same time, they were also adapted to have a better and faster installation process for their mounting on surfaces, with an extension cable, or even to put on an AC. Along with other improvements, it was a large step forward, although this was leaving the most important subject out of the equation of improvements, the final user. What does the passenger expect from a USB charger during their trip? The answer is simple: charge their device, as fast as possible without inconvenience.

With the pass of time, mobile phone and tablet manufacturers have been fighting a constant fight with the consumption of their batteries. The common goal is to offer devices, each time more powerful, with larger screens, but with less consumptions and faster charging times. The solution to their dilemma is the use of chargers with more power, USB 2.0. It does this by sending a higher current with more tension to the devices, so they’ll charge faster. Currently, it is easy to see charging equipment that uses USB ports with the iPhone’s and Android’s marks, or by setting the exiting current at 1A / 2.1A to be able to optimize the battery as much as possible.

The Importance of Safety in Installations

Now-a-days it seems that all the issues have been solved and millions of chargers have been installed, satisfying not only the necessities of those who install it, but also of those who use it. Although this is not completely true, since these chargers are put under large amounts of daily work, exposed to vandalism or depending on the state of the terminals they’re connected to. Therefore, the most important and deciding factor when choosing the best USB charger for your busses is the safety it provides. If the equipment is not completely safe and can overcome all the issues that can arise during its lifetime, it’s useless. With time a lot of chargers stop working, break a device or even cause vehicles to be evacuated because of the fire hazard they are.

This large problem can be more common than it seems, and the best solution is to count on the brands with the market’s leading USB chargers. These companies’ main premise is to offer the best protection along the charger’s lifetime, in addition to having the appropriate certifications for it.

During Azimut’s years of experience, it has made sure to work with the market’s leading brands that comply with the most demanding certifications, even in the train division that boasts with the most restrictive rules. Boasting about these safety certifications shouldn’t be an option, since it is an investment in another one of the vehicles component’s where safety shouldn’t be a gamble.

Why Choose These USB Chargers?

Technically the difference between the charger’s offered by Azimut and other lower-quality chargers, is in the USB terminal’s exit that counts with two microprocessors that are in constant communication with the connected device. For example, if a mobile phone is heated in an oven to 80ºC and it is connected to a conventional USB charger, it will be charged the same way as if the terminal was cold unlike a smart USB charger that would receive an alert about the temperature and charge it much more gently in order to avoid a fire.

For all these reasons and more, you can’t risk your vehicle’s safety. Choosing a USB charger of maximum quality shouldn’t be a choice, it should be a necessity. Making the passengers feel like at home, they can charge their phones with complete security and have a peaceful and enjoyable trip is the reason with the most weight to invest in the best option.