The non-tangible impact of on-board entertainment

In crisis situations, our priorities tend to change and we choose to cut costs. We tend to look for what we consider less important and, therefore, being complementary, it is the first thing in which we stop investing.

When this same situation affects us not only as individuals but also as a company, we analyze the numbers to detect those expendable expense items. When this happens, do we take into account the scope of our decisions? Do we know the real impact of our investments? If we transfer this question to the collective passenger transport sector, the answer that first comes to mind is to stop investing in those passenger services that we consider optional, including on-board entertainment.

The non-tangible impact of on-board entertainment

As transport professionals we know that, today, on-board entertainment is still seen as a luxury when in fact, it is quite the opposite. When we equip a bus, who are we equipping it for? who is our target? Indeed, the objective is to transport travelers in the best way so that they want to travel with us. The buses are equipped with the objective that they choose us, increasing our competitiveness, so that the travel experience is so good that they want to repeat it and that the satisfaction of the passengers is reflected in our numbers. Investing in this is not easy as it is not a measurable or tangible return on investment as such.

As we had already predicted in previous posts, entertainment has ceased to be a luxury and has become basic equipment, especially on long-distance routes, without which competitiveness is lost. Passengers demand it and it is a key piece of equipment for our brand image both in social networks and in our operational network.

Investing in a better travel experience means investing in bringing more passengers in the future. It supposes that our clients talk about us and that they recommend us. Will we be able to know how many passengers we have managed to convert? Not for sure, although we will be able to know their level of satisfaction knowing how many times they choose us again, what they think of our service through surveys or our level of competitiveness in the market.

To improve the travel experience we can find different services:

 How to offer all this and not die trying

First of all, the most important thing is to find a trusted partner. It has been, and is being, very difficult years. Have we felt supported by our suppliers? Have they been by our side? At Azimut, we can say that our customers have felt that they have had a partner to match.

And, secondly, the available budget will allow us to know what you need and how to do it to offer the best travel experience based on the needs we have.

Ask us. Our mission is to find solutions adapted to your needs.


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