Electricity on the bus, SAFETY first

Safety is the main element to consider when carrying out an electrical installation on a bus. A faulty installation without adequate safety measures is a very great risk which can be avoided by following a series of recommendations:

All systems installed by Azimut fulfil the above recommendations. Passengers are safe and the operator has peace of mind.

In order to offer greater comfort in vehicles and provide an extra service to passengers, 220V AC systems are being installed on buses, the same as are installed in homes.

The most common installation of this type of system encompasses several parts:

1. The inverter, the heart of the installation

This part is one of the most important of the installation. There are many inverters on the market, their basic function being converting 24V DC (battery) to 220V AC (home).

When converting DC to AC, it must be taken into account whether the type of wave is modified or pure. The modified wave type is more economical as the current waveform is not real, but electronically simulated. The pure wave type generates a waveform with high quality precision.


Household electrical appliances are designed to work with the pure wave; laptop or mobile chargers may not turn on when the inverter is a modified wave inverter.

Despite the fact that they may be a 40% price difference between the modified wave and pure wave inverter, a pure wave inverter should be installed.

Within the pure wave category, there are inverters with advanced protection systems, meaning that as in a home, we can install an electrical panel with its differential and its thermomagnetic circuit breakers to protect users.

The Mastervolt systems used in the electrical installations of Azimut are certified and approved and can be configured to protect the whole installation either by overload or by short circuit. The most important aspect is preventing anyone from being electrocuted thanks to it being capable of simulating a ground connection, as reflected in its manual.

Our recommendation is to install a pure wave inverter so that there is no system which may have any problem. In order to also ensure the safety of passengers and the vehicle itself, a system such as the Mastervolt inverters with the possibility of creating a ground connection (GND) in the vehicles is the most suitable.


2. Electrical installation.

In this section we note two points, one being an installation with conventional cabling compliant with the regulation for low voltage installations, and the other using a rail system which is also compliant with all regulations and certifications.

In the installations with conventional cabling, we must take the following characteristics into account:

    • Fixed installation.
    • The vehicle must be immobilised for two to three days.
    • Complicated repairs due to the quantity of series cabling.

Meanwhile, the rail system option offers the following advantages:

    • Modular installation. The seats may be moved or removed without affecting the installation at all.
    • The electrical installation may be carried out in a few hours.
    • Being modular, repairs are easier; a vehicle does not have to be immobilised if a seat must be re-upholstered.
    • You can reconfigure the number of seats whenever you wish without affecting the installation.

Thanks to the great benefits provided by the modular rail system, it will be the most suitable option for implementing the electrical installations. It is a very easy system to install, as in the time spent screwing in the cable duct in a conventional fixed system, the full installation of a modular rail system can be completed.

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3. Protection box, the active protection system:

Last, but not least important, for undertaking a safe installation in a vehicle, ideally a protection box like those in homes should be installed. By using systems with ground connection (GND) such as the previously mentioned Mastervolt systems, we install active protection systems with differential and thermal circuit breakers by line. In this way, we will have fully protected installations.

If the Mastervolt solution is selected, it comes with a kit with a box, its differential and thermal circuit breaker.

Following these recommendations when undertaking an installation, we keep our vehicle and our passengers SAFE.