Global Solution Wifi and Entertainment

The need to have something to do today and how dependant we are on our devices forces us to always have a Wi-Fi network that gives us access to the internet and / or online quality entertainment platforms, be it NETFLIX, YouTube or the news, we are all choosing the content we want to see in every given moment.

In Azimut we know that a good basic connection, like onboard Wi-Fi, is as necessary as it is in hotels. Imagine going to a hotel that doesn’t offer internet access? Well the same expectations are being put on buses and trains to have wireless technology.

Onboard connections allow streaming online entertainment, making the journey more enjoyable and allowing passengers to stay connected to the world they are used to, without experiencing the usual cuts that can occur along the way.

High speed Wi-Fi

The available networks are what they are, 3G, 4G and 5G (what’s available at the moment) and is not equal throughout the territory and therefore the vehicle’s travel, hence the need to optimize the Wi-Fi quality and speed.

By distributing the signal among users, we provide them optimal flow to navigate and do anything they want to.

For this there are flow control tools that allow us to control how many megabytes we want to provide each user with, and for how long. With these tools we are also able to filter the connection speed to distribute among the rest of the passengers, duplicate sims, have multiple things working at once, and much more. Everything is controlled by a software platform that manages the internal communications and the server’s internal multi-sim router.

Captive Portal

What is it? And What is it for?

Captive portal is an option we offer to put a gate of sorts on the system that can do several things, such as showing advertisements before entering, that can be used to earn extra profit, but above all it is used to identify the person who is entering through the acceptance of conditions.

This allows us to have a user registry, know what device is inside, what it does, and thus filter inappropriate content.

Saving Navigation Data

Data storage is incredibly important for legal reasons, especially in many European countries with the recent attacks. It has been decided that it is necessary not only to identify the devices or IPs that are connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi router, but that this data is to be stored, in some cases for up to 5 years, in case you have to consult for the police at some point in time about who was in the vehicle and thus be able to trace the history of a passenger’s activity. This is allowed by the management software Azimut Control.


Knowing how many devices are connected, what they have accessed and above all what content they have consumed is basic information needed to control that the SIM hasn’t run out and that everyone can enjoy the onboard Wi-Fi connection.

Monitoring and reporting are also a part of software management, these tools are necessary for the operator in order to control costs and passenger satisfaction.

Entertainment and Wi-Fi – A Two in One Global Solution

Apart from being able to manage all the internal Wi-Fi connections, operators still have access to the quality content on our onboard server.

This server will then give us a captive portal of entry, access to its contents and to the internet, as well as Wi-Fi and content management software.

Simply put, the internet connection is not necessary in order to have quality content for your passengers as they already have a wide variety of options on our online server, but it is still available in order to satisfy every passenger’s needs.