How to increase revenues of your fleet using entertainment systems

Current entertainment systems that are now available within the bus industry are far from those who began to be installed 4-5 years ago, where we basically talked about systems providing slightly more than the viewing of different multimedia content on the servers on-board.

Obviously, over the last two years the technological revolution has also reached the multimedia technologies sector applied to the bus industry and as a result, the on-board entertainment systems offer a wide range of applications, which enable extra income generation by the bus companies that now begin to integrate these solutions.

If there is any sector where the “Ancillary Revenues” (income generated besides the ticket sales) are really important, is the airline industry, where a large number of worldwide companies are earning between 10 – 30 % by different concepts, not concerning the ticket sales.

One of the systems helping to generate this volume of revenues are the entertainment systems on-board that enable the creation of extra income lines for bus companies associated with different business models, which are the following:

  •  Pay per access to premium content such as movies, TV series or documentaries that can be paid by increasing fares or integrating an online payment platform per access to watching movies.
  • Integration of third-party platforms comprising services such as purchase of newspapers, museum entrance fees, car reservation, hotel reservation…, in which a certain percentage of the purchase is reverted to the owner of the platform, in this case the operator.
  • Advertising management and insertion of all banners, videos and geo-referenced advertisement on the platform that is offered to various companies which are paying for being present on the platform.
  • Development of the platform for online purchase of products and services on the bus such as catering, souvenir purchasing,…

There is an increasing number of entertainment systems that enable the integration of these revenue-generating platforms, so it is very important when acquiring these systems, to contrast the way to access the extra revenue generation by the use thereof.