What is an individual entertainment system?

An Individual Entertainment System (IES) is a system which allows to the bus&coach passengers to choose independently the contents displayed in the individual screens. From another perspective, using a (IES) the passenger can decide when and for how long he wants to enjoy the entertainment contents.

Individual_Entertaiment_System_bus_AzimutBusSolutionsThe passenger, who enjoys the individual entertainment system on board, defines his leisure time during the trip choosing between the following options:

  • Define if he wants entertainment
  • Choose the type of entertainment
  • Access individually to audio & video contents

The content, the biggest challenge for a (IES)

The word CONTENT listed above content is acquiring very large and varied meanings in recent years. In fact today this is the biggest challenge for the IES. Offer the contents demanded by the passengers , adding value to the transport operator, is definitely more challenging than any technical aspect related to the purchase and installation.

Individual Sound

Following the introduction of the video as a collective entertainment systems (ie all passengers enjoy the same entertainment), the sound was the first attempt of IES. With a single sound system the passenger can choose the channel between a defined group (usually up to 8 channels) and access content reproduced linearly.

Individual Video: more than just films

Compare with “Video for everyone”, “Pipped Music” or “ Music Channels “, an individual entertainment system offers individual video contents to every single passenger during the route. The first option selected is always to offer films, but many other type of contents are available: safety instructions, advertisement, educational programs, corporate information, child entertainment…

What is an individual entertainment system offering nowadays?

Nowadays a IES i sable to offer the following contents :

  • All sort of films
  • Music
  • Internet Access( including the passengers surveys which allows the bus operator to know more in detail the passenger necessities)
  • Games

Besides that it possible to integrate external systems like the live satellite television during the route. Summarizing, an IES offers to the Bus Sector the possibility of offering the same on-board entertainment contents like an intercontinental flight, adding the benefits of the internet access and the live TV.

Can I install a IES in my Fleet

Installing an IES we increase our passenger loyalty, those bus and coach companies covering regular medium and long-haul, tour operator vehicles, VIP vehicles etc … are perfect candidates for installing this system, if it is true that the unstoppable progress of new technologies and the changes in consumer habits requires our companies to be ready, seizing the opportunities that these technologies offer us.

The individual entertainment system allows us to make a qualitative leap allowing the bus operators to offer their travellers the highest standard of the market, an open a window of communication with the customer, right configuration of contents, reviewing based on the acceptance, renewal periodically to entertain the most frequent passenger, it will become a core activity of the company, as it will allow us to get closer to our customer: the passenger.