Individual entertainment system on board, which are Benefits for a Bus Company?

¿Which are the benefits of an Individual entertainment system on board for a bus company? ¿For the passenger? In this post we will be answer all those questions analysing the advantages that the installation of that kind of entertainment system have in a fleet of buses.

Beneficios de un sistema de entretenimiento a bordo de un autobús o autocar

From the point of view of a customer, all of us, as users, would like to be able to choose the best multimedia contents. In this context the installation of an Individual entertainment system on board offers huge possibilities that nowadays are only available in the airline companies.

Thinking about the objective of the transport companies our experience shows us that the differentiation from their competitors and the increase of the brand image are the main reasons why those systems are nowadays installed in the buses.

Differentiation from the competitors

The differentiation from other bus operators is very important in the touristic/charter transport where the passenger has paid for a pleasure trip .The on board entertainment system it´s very important in those cases in order to offer a very pleasant trip.

From a business point of view this differentiation it´s also very important, if the bus company has an Individual entertainment system on board we invite the passenger to choose our bus not only because maybe we have a competitive price but also because a long bus trip enjoying an on board entertainment systems is very well perceived by the passengers.

Overall, an Individual entertainment system on board offers the passenger the possibility of convert the bus trip in something amusing.

One more passenger every day

To achieve an average of one more passenger everyday, rent a charter bus 15 more days a year, enter in the VIP passenger transport are the possibilities opened after the installation on an individual entertainment system on board 

Doing that we will not only increase the commercial margins but also increase our internal level of service.  The differentiation and   the perceived service are very important reasons in every business unit, in that sense one of the best ways to increase them is the installation of an Individual entertainment system on board.