Airline Inspiration

The evolution of the commercial aeronautical market has shifted the focus of its sales from simple transport. Airlines invested 31,500 million dollars (23,598 million euros) on additional services in 2013. This was 16.2% more than the previous year, according to the annual survey carried out by IdeaWorks and CarTrawler on the income additional in the air sector.

In addition, the revenue that aviation companies obtain from secondary services has not ceased to grow – in fact, it has multiplied at an exponential rate since 2007, when the first annual survey is published. So there were 23 airlines that provided data, making total revenues of $2.450 million. Therefore, it can be concluded that the revenue from supplementary services plays a fundamental role in the health of the global aviation industry.

Michael Cunningham, the commercial manager of CarTrawler, claims that airlines worldwide share the same pattern of evolution and are focused on the evolution of entire aeronautics to become providers of various travel-related products. . The continued development of their incremental revenue strategy represents a clear opportunity for the airlines future. This way, they are more prepared to take advantage of new technology and business practices. This will enable them to respond more proactively to the growing number of passengers who want and are prepared to pay for products and services which, in the past, had not been considered lines of business for airlines.

Why don't we apply the same philosophy to the bus sector?

Technology allows us to apply it, and we were learning and starting to take steps in that direction.