Integral management in Cloud of entertainment systems

Within the Azimut Own Device platform, remote management is particularly important. This is basically intended to facilitate the operation and ensure the optimal functioning of on-board systems.

It basically has 3 distinctive functionalities:

  • Content Management / Synchronization
  • Monitoring, follow-up and usage control
  • External modules (survey management / geo ads…)

Content Management / Synchronization

From this module you can manage the content supply for on-board devices. For this, two basic processes are managed, such as ingestion and synchronization or transport:


Ingestion is the process in which the encrypted and encoded content is previously received (by the original content provider or by a certified process by Azimut Own Device) and it becomes a wider catalogue of the Cloud. The transport operator will never undertake this process.

Once inserted into the cloud, the operator (or Azimut, if the service is managed by this) can access the catalogue of available content and assign it to their fleet.

By the time in which the content is assigned to an on-board server, the synchronization process starts.