Integrate the Live TV in the onboard entertainment system

One of the most “fresh” contents which can be offered to the passengers is the Satellite Live TV. That kind of systems allow the passenger to access all sort of different contents like news, tv programs, movies, live sports being nowadays the only system capable to do that thing.

Besides that it´s also very important to remark that this is a very interesting system not only to long distance trips but also for short-medium ones because  it´s very easy to find TV contents which can be adjusted to the bus route necessities.

One of the main objectives of the bus operators is to entertain the passengers in order to offer them a great travel experience.  Entertained passengers will travel again and it´s vital to avoid the feeling of boredom and the sensation of spend many hours on-board without doing anything special.

To integrate the Satellite TV in the onboard entertainment system has a main advantage: Every passenger will be to select individually the channel which would like to watch, having in mind that it´s finally the operator who decides the number of channels which are going to be available onboard.

How to integrate the Satellite Television in the onboard entertainment system

The steps required to integrate the Satellite Television in the Onboard Entertainment System is the following:

  1. Check that the satellite antenna is able to receive the selected channels in the area where the bus is going to travel.
  2. Install the satellite antenna in the bus and define the type of channels which would like to be offered.
  3. For Open air channels the market offers 2 type of systems:
    • Systems where the live TV signal is directly injected and it´s not necessary to install any satellite box.
    • Systems which require to and a satellite box per channel which would like to be offered. Obviously those installations are more expensive and technically more complicated because in order to offer 8 channels it´s required installing 8 satellites boxes in addition to the satellite antenna.

For pay-per-view channels it´s only possible to use the second option. Every single pay per view channel will need its own satellite box because this is the only way to offer those channels to the passengers. Connect the antenna and the satellite box to the media server and enjoy the Live TV in the individual touch screens by selecting the Live TV Menu.

From our point of view in terms of investment to add Satellite TV to an existing onboard entertainment system is not something unaffordable for a bus operator. Low investment with great added value offering probably the most fresh contents available actually in the market.