Integrating systems and signals

We are going to analyze in this post one of the most interesting advantages offered by the advanced routers nowadays which is the possibility of use them not only as a device able to offer internet connectivity to the passengers but also as a central hub of all the communications present onboard.

As we know, nowadays the buses install onboard a great number of different devices, most of them require a data connection, but at the same time, most of those equipments installed onboard use connectivity interfaces which allow other devices to stay connected with them in order to get information about their performance The basic idea is integrate in those equipment with third party applications.

In this case there are wifi systems with technical capabilities to connect themselves via hardware with other onboard equipments in order to get information from them. A clear example of this are the Digital Video Record Systems (DVRs) connected to an advanced wifi systems, which allow the bus operators to monitor the performance of all the CCTV System remotely using the wifi application, avoiding  the necessity of supervise directly if the system is working properly. This can be also applied to other systems like satellite antennas, which  informs in real time the router regarding the state and performance of the equipments.

Another possibility is to use our wifi system in order to provide internal information to other external equipments and applications. It´s necessary to have installed onboard an equipment able to create that type of connectivity & interactivity with those external devices but nowadays is possible to find different solutions to reach that goal. A typical case is to take advantage of the GPS positioning information obtained from our wifi system installed onboard, in order to send them to  external applications installed in smartphones, computers. Another possibility is to transfer the traffic generated in the router to a software platform in order to treat that information in many different ways.


An  advanced WIFI solution is not only able to integrate third party signals but also allow the integration of its signals in third party equipments.

In order to achieve this goal, we need to install onboard and advance hardware & software solution because it´s not an easy thing to manage all those data flows which we have mentioned.