Integration of third-party applications on Azimut Own Device

We have mentioned in previous posts that one of the essential parts of the whole entertainment system is certainly the range of content and applications that the system is offering to the passengers.

In recent years, technological developments have incorporated the different on-board entertainment systems, and they are currently the reason why these systems do not need to be limited to offer only conventional multimedia content such as movies, music, TV series and documentaries.

Modern individual entertainment systems available on the market have begun to exploit very interesting resources and content, related to the development and integration of applications developed by third-party companies.

It is very difficult for the hardware and entertainment systems manufacturers to develop the full range of applications currently available on the market that can be integrated into an entertainment system. Although for many years the passengers could be satisfied with the access to movies, games or music, today there is a whole range of applications in tourism, hotel reservations, restaurants, moving map, advertising, newspapers and magazines, which are highly demanded by the public in general and also require entertainment systems capable of integrating these third-party applications.

These types of applications, both online and offline, complement perfectly the standard content that the individual entertainment systems integrate normally. They are also particularly interesting for companies making tourist services, as well as making possible the exploitation of new lines of business and revenues linked to the commercial exploitation of these applications.

Therefore, if the use of such third-party applications is essential for our company at a strategic level, it is very important to ask manufacturers and distributors of these systems if it is possible to integrate advanced applications developed by third parties, besides integrating standard content.

Currently, there are not many companies offering this possibility of integration into their individual entertainment systems, but more and more there are manufacturers offering this possibility, so it must be taken into account.