The importance of wi-fi as value services for the passenger

Being connected is nowadays a necessity and good proof of this is the growth that the contracting of mobile networks and the purchase of smartphones and tablets is experiencing.

Why that importance? Simply because today everything is online. Thanks to our internet connection we are connected to the world: to our contacts, to our social networks, to our shopping sites, to our email and a long etcetera. The world has become dependent on the internet to the point that even the most traditional things are also done online.

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With this scenario, it is really easy to see the importance that users give to the internet connection service, it is something that we demand and really use. We have a good example in hotels, most of them offer WiFi service and it really is a service widely used by guests. Today, a hotel is inconceivable that does not have a Wi-Fi connection, in the same way that it is inconceivable that it does not have air conditioning or hot water.

In the bus sector, something identical to what happened in hotels with the Wi-Fi issue will happen, in fact it is already in process. We must also add that in this environment, the WiFi service still takes more value due to the following two points:

* The passenger spends time captive in the vehicle, so this service also fulfills the role of an on-board entertainment system.

* Due to the complexity of mobile communications, Smartphones and tablets easily lose coverage or stable signal, so navigation becomes complicated and unsatisfactory in many cases. A specific WiFi system for mobility improves this point considerably, which results in an improvement in the user experience.

Currently, there are already many buses and coaches in which we can see WiFi badges on board, more and more. This is nothing more than the consequence derived from the market demand that asks to be always connected, whether on a bus that circulates in Spain or another that makes tourist circuits throughout Europe.