Live Satellite TV in motion, now possible

During the last five years we have seen an increasingly number of bus companies which are installing on board entertainment systems trying to achieve three main objectives: Increase their service offer, differentiate from their competitors and increase the number of passengers.

Live Satellite TV in motion
Among this offer of on board services we found the Satellite Live Television. A system which uses a new satellite antennas able to track all sort of satellites in motion.

Digital Satellite TV in Motion

The Satellite televisión has been used as an entertainmnet system during the last years basically in fix locations like apartments, campings, caravans, boats… It has not been until recent years when the market has offered different antennas that enable the tracking of different satellites from moving vehicles, allowing the bus companies to offer satellite tv to its passenger during the route.

What I need in order to enjoy Satellite TV in my bus?

  • In motion antenna in order to track the selected satellite all the time.
  • A channel tuner (free to air channels) or a decoder ( for channels linked to payment platfforms).
  • A display in order to broadcast the contents.

Live TV, installation in a bus or coach

Type of satellites antennas available in the market?

The market offer us two types of antennas specially designed to be used in buses and coaches:

  • Low Profile Antenna “Phased Array “ 16-18 cm height.
  • Standar dProfile Antenna 24-34 cm height

Main Differences:

  • In Terms of design: The main difference is the internal configuration.The low profile antennas mounted a series of small identical antennas, separated, with the same orientation and fed synchronously while conventional profile antennas feature a parabolic reflector with diameter configurable depending on the signal strength required to view the channels from different satellites
  • In technical terms: The key difference is related to the angle of elevation at which each of the antennas can work. Low profile antennas typically operate at lower angles of elevation compared with conventional antennas. This makes their use in remote areas line northern Europe or Russia sometimes complicated.

What type of satellite services can offer live TV to my customers?

Basically three are the live tv services that a bus Company can offer to their passengers :

  • Free to air televisión channels connecting the antenna to the tuner and the display of the vehicle.
  • Payment channels offered by any European operator, just connecting the platform decoder with the antenna and the display.
  • In Spain, Portugal and South of France is possible to offer the TDT Channels installing a TDT SAT Tuner in the bus.

Nowadays the installation of a satellite TV antenna  is the most economical investment for companies that simply and directly  wants  to provide quality entertainment to its passengers.