Manage your business in real time from anywhere

How can an advanced management platform help you in your business?

Nowadays, when the technological advance is constant, and the arduous career to success is overwhelming, we NEED to have control of our business at hand, with information in real-time. In the case of the transports sector, we must look for a way to optimize our time of monitorization of the fleet while saving costs, automatizing this process to the maximum. In Azimut we’ve got a solution that will allow you to know where your fleet is at all times, and to also publish advertisements in your vehicles to reach your passengers directly, to know how and when each entertainment option is being interacted with, to manage the on-board content remotely, and even to know their satisfaction in real-time thanks to our potent data recollection tools. The platform that will change your conception of business and will boost your ROI is called CLOUD.

The invasion of the machines.

Although the Industrial Revolution marked a before and after in history, we still see ourselves influenced and tempted to keep the human action in tasks that we could automatize, improving our business. We’re creatures of habit, and we understand what it means to change a routine we have been in for 20 years. Still, the many benefits our platform CLOUD provides will allow YOU to be the one keeping control, making GROW YOUR BENEFITS thanks to the information in real-time.

management platform

What REAL benefits provides?

We could tell you about the thousands of options it offers at an operative level, but we’d rather talk about WHAT our platform CLOUD is going to do for you and your business:

  • Cost-saving. By having all services previously mentioned one clock away, the structural cost of your company will be reduced.
  • Time-saving. Your time is gold, quite literally. Invest the time you’ll save with our platform to improve and boost other aspects of your business.
  • Access from anywhere. You won’t need to be in your office to have a look at what’s going on with your fleet. You will be able to access from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., wherever you are! You’ll just need access to the internet and you’re set.
  • Remote control. Manage your fleet from a distance without the need for intermediaries. No waits and instantly.
  • Remote management of content. Load the content you wish in each vehicle in the fastest and most effective way in the market. Also, the content kept in the platform will be 100% safe thanks to our digital security system.
  • 100% reliable, 100% relax. The level of reliability of our Cloud will provide the peace of mind that you need. With no mistakes or conditions.
  • Polls and usage information: Passenger feedback in real-time. Know what your passengers think thanks to our potent polls tool. Check the answers instantly. Our polls adapt to you and your needs.
  • Analytics: Find out WHAT your passengers watch, HOW, and WHEN. All the data the platform gathers is shown in the easiest possible way for your benefit.
  • Remote treatment of incidences: Enjoy the tranquillity of having any incidence that could happen under control, while also anticipating the future service inconveniences thanks to our monitorization of embarked screens. This is one of the fundamental pillars of our CLOUD service since it directly affects the quality of your service, and that is what’s most important to us.
  • Custom advertisements on board: Broadcast the information you need to your passengers through advertisements in the entertainment system. This innovative tool will allow you to do advertisements based on geolocation (Ads of arrival to destination, of nearby POI, etc.).

Aftersales service

Even though having in mind all the benefits you will obtain from the first moment with our platform CLOUD, we have to add the great human team that we have behind our services. We can help you treat any data that the platform CLOUD extracts in real-time to assess you on improvements to the service.

On both a technical and a customer service level, we are at your disposal to solve any doubt you may have from the start, and when you contract our service CLOUD, you will feel that your business is in the best hands. Your tranquillity is one of our objectives.