Monitoring in an entertainment system

Being able to monitor a system is a fundamental part to ensure its good operation and maintenance, both preventive and reactive.

In the Azimut OD systems, all the parameters of the servers as well as the external systems connected as capture boxes, access points, etc. are monitored.

Of vital importance is the monitoring of the screens that indicate their last status as well as all the parameters of their internal software.

In the case of the screens, the last state of the bus can be evaluated, whether it is in operation or not, and in this way, you can have the most up-to-date information. This allows to act proactively and attend to any breakdown in the vehicle before the passenger has reported it.

On the other hand, from the administration of the system you can see all the logs sent by the on-board equipment and be able to detect any problem independently of the moment in which it occurred.

It is important to have a warning system which contacts us by mail or any other means when an incident occurs and allows us to plan the interventions.

The existence of global lists of fleet status at a technical level allows the situation of a fleet to be evaluated at a glance.

Other parameters such as active equipment time, unexpected reboots, restart reasons, wrong content, contents to be synchronized, etc., are also available to be used in the diagnosis of the systems.

In the case of external systems such as access points, capture boxes, etc., it is possible to monitor their status as well as configure them remotely.


On the other hand the preventive use of these tools allows us to anticipate the possible problems that may occur in the bus, these problems can be, filling disc, software or disk errors, etc.

In short, monitoring is essential for a service such as AzimutOD.