Multimedia Content update in an Onboard Multimedia Systems

The multimedia contents and the reliability of the system are two of the most important features an onboard multimedia system. The perception of an onboard multimedia system where the multimedia contents are not updated regularly is not very positive. Reason why it´s always interesting to schedule the updating of the multimedia contents in order to offer always fresh contents to the passengers.

The contents need to be adapted to the passenger profile. Let´s check those real cases:

The content updating of an onboard multimedia system can be done using different methods and the most representative ones are the following:

A) Substitution of the removable hard disc. In that sense it´s always interesting to have an extra removable hard disc in order to update the contents and make the physical substitution in the bus. From our point of view is the most safe and practical method but we need to have into consideration the following:

1) Requires an internal person in the company dealing with the content updating, somehow some structure costs are required.

2) It´s necessary always to test internally the removable hard drive before its installation in the bus, just to check that the contents have been successfully updated.

3) In big fleets the main issue is to control the big number of hard drives which is obviously has big administrative costs.

B) The most reliable solution we recommend is to select a manufacturer which offer us this service in a regular basis.

C) Remote updating using 3G/4G. This is the system which is being developed by the most important manufacturers, available during the 2015. This type of systems allow the bus companies to manage directly the content updating offering great flexibility. In order to make the remote monitoring is necessary to use a remote monitoring cloud platform. This cloud systems let the bus companies to update the contents in every bus remotely making very easy all the content management.

Between this options we will choose the most interesting one for our necessities, having in mind that a big fleet will probably choose de option B, and a fleet with not many cars will be interested in the option A.