On board entertainment makes a difference

The amount of audio-visual content that we receive daily is overwhelming and is positively valued to companies that strive to improve the personalization of their services on a bus where other entertainment possibilities are reduced.

At Azimut we know that good content in onboard entertainment is a great competitive advantage. Our premise is to offer information as personalized as possible, that is, adapted to the tastes and needs of its users. We work daily with audience analysis tools in order to understand the needs of passengers and adapt to them in order to offer the best content possible and improve their experience.


Personalized Content for Each Trip

Bus trips are not always the same and even the duration of the journey and the people who accompany you can influence your choice of content. In certain conditions you are not as receptive to watching movies onboard as to reading a magazine but having the opportunity to choose is essential. For example, if the trip is short, you are more likely to listen to music or surf the internet, but if the trip is long, having a wide variety of movies and series makes the difference in user satisfaction.

Users do not want to have to adapt to the established content, they want quality entertainment and a personalized offer that suits the circumstances of their specific trip. The success of the investment is guaranteed if the variables of each route are known, offering the possibility of choosing a brand before and after the trip experience.


Quality, Quantity and Variety Means SUCCESS

Offering a wide catalogue of quality films and series onboard ensures you cover all sorts of passenger profiles, and therefore satisfy all kinds of customer demands. From movies and series for all ages, to e-books that make you dream, to watching the latest on Live TV onboard, having all these channels available without leaving your seat is a need that few understand but is assuming an increase in sales in companies that have implemented it. Entertainment is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. This need, if used correctively, is of great value to a company.


Multi-device Platform

In the middle of the “Age of Technology” almost everyone has a way to connect to the internet handy, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer. Constant accessibility to entertainment is undeniable and having a platform capable of offering its content through any screen is an added value. In addition, if you add the access to individual screens located in the seats in from of you, the passenger earns exponentially in comfort, also allowing the reproduction of the content in the highest quality.

The access that the Azimut entertainment platform has, is a process of creating value for any client and is easily seen in the increase in sales companies see.


Revolution in Content Update

Users are used to high-quality content with a high frequency of renewal, so it is no surprise that they demand that same commodity at all times, making the frequent updating of content on the platform necessary.

Over time technological advances have improved technology without wires, so today the installation of this service has been greatly reduced in costs and maintenance of the service. The biggest advancement being having the ability to remotely update and renew the content library through a cloud server instead of doing it with a USB.

The possibility of renewing the content wirelessly and remotely facilitates this process, making the highest quality of entertainment available while simplifying the process for both the operator and the passenger.

The Future of Content: Custom Content Sets

Throughout this article the significance of this current trend in content has been emphasised multiple times because in a world where everything is computerized and automated, what sets a company apart is the personalized treatment of its customers.

By going a step further and having a wide variety of content you ensure an increase in passengers. The difference lies in knowing what the passenger is looking for, what they consume the most and being able to know what they want to consume next. By using carefully curated audience measurement tools, you can easily create passenger profiles to achieve that goal.

Having personalized quality content that is constantly being updated on a powerful platform with easy access, is exactly what the passengers and operators are looking for, and therefore one of the objectives pursued daily by Azimut.

In conclusion, as the objective of any operator should be to make their passengers feel at home while traveling in their vehicles in order to build loyalty and increase sales, Azimut’s goal is to help the operator increase their profitability through their installed solutions with ease. By offering onboard, high-quality entertainment that is easily updated and constantly changing along with simple-to-use tools, this goal is achieved.

The entertainment onboard a bus has ceased to be a luxury and has become a necessity and basic passenger demand that can easily be available to everyone.


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