Onboard Entertainment system: On Demand vs Lineal Advantages and disadvantages

When we speak about the available onboard entertainment systems, it´s very important to differentiate between: On demand entertainment system and lineal entertainment system. In the first one is the passenger which individually selects which are the type of contents he would like to enjoy, in the second one the same contents are displayed for all the passengers. In this post we are going to analyze which are the advantages and disadvantages of each system.


What is a lineal onboard entertainment system?

In a lineal entertainment system the contents are broadcasted in a certain number of channels. The operation is similar to that used to watch TV at home. We can select different channels but we can´t stop the broadcasting, move forwards or backwards.

What is an ondemand onboard entertainment system?

In an on board entertainment system is the passenger who selects what type of contents he would like to watch. It´s important to remark that the broadcast is always individual and can be managed in real time (start a movie, move forwards&backwards, play with the games, read a e-book.

Media on Demand Onboard Entertainment System: Advantages

This type of system allows the passenger to:

  • Choose the content among a great number of possibilities: Live TV, films, music, ebooks, games internet.
  • To initiate  the broadcasting of movies or videos, move forward & backwards,  choose the movie, activate the subtitles, choose the language.

This is the way to offer individually an exclusive content to every single passenger onboard. Even if all the passengers are broadcasting the same film  at the same time, the quality  of the movie broadcasting is not going to be affected.

Advantages for the bus operator

Which are the advantages for the bus operator?

  • Great Flexibility because it´s possible to offer more entertainment options to the passengers.
  • Possibility of upload corporate contents live safety regulations, timetable, legal terms, corporate videos.
  • Internet Access when everything is managed through a high performance router.