¿Own device or screens on board?

Today there are two types of entertainment solutions:

The operator faces a great dilema when he has to decide which solution is the most suitable for his users.

The first point to consider is the price. The Own Device solution is the cheapest option compared to installing fixed screens onboard, but this should not be the only point to consider. The services that you want to offer your users play an enormous role here.

It is difficult to equip an entire passage with suitable terminals for the correct visualization of the content. However, this should no longer be a problem as more and more smart devices are implemented every day. However, it may also be the case that, although they exist, the lack of accessories or a charged battery prevent the content offered from being correctly viewed.

In this regard, fixed screens would be the best solution and there would be no difference.

But maybe we just want these differences and we want to differentiate certain seats and thus offer, for example, a higher class of seats, which not only differs in terms of the fixed screen, but also in terms of its content. A slightly higher purchase price could be charged for this difference. If an operator were to charge an additional euro for each premium seat with a screen (and premium content), the screen investment would be amortized in 45 days. The most appropriate solution would be to install part of the seats with fixed screens, thus offering a differentiated offer.

Advertising is another point to consider. If we want to derive our revenue from advertising, a fixed solution would be more effective as it reaches a wider audience and doesn't offer any other way to look for other alternatives.

We rely on a solution that enables both the one and the other option.

Azimut Own Device is a platform that allows multiple configurations under the same hardware structure of server and access points. Indeed, the existence of two structures and the transition from an off-board solution to an on-board solution is possible here.