Plugs on buses

Currently, almost a 100% of travellers have mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets or laptops. The charging points lawsuit is a reality and a necessity today, as portable devices are providing more and more technology, which produces an intensive use of these, resulting a shorter battery life time.

More and more vehicles are providing battery-charging points for the passengers, and definitely is a very valued service by the users.

There are charging solutions based on 220V outlets, but also and increasingly, only USB solutions or even mixed.

We often tend to think that these systems can only be installed at source, that is, by the vehicle manufacturer but the truth is that they are systems easy to install and it is increasingly common to find companies that have decided to install charging points in vehicles already manufactured.

The tendency for such solutions is growing, for everything mentioned above, but even more by the new individual entertainment solutions, based on passengers devices, making them dramatically consume the battery throughout the journey, which implies the obligation to have electric charging points for passengers