Taken in coaches

Almost all travelers these days have mobile devices, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. It is a reality and a necessity the demand for charging points as portable devices have more and more technology and more intensive use which causes a decrease in battery life.
3There are more and more vehicles that offer the possibility of loading, a very important service for passengers.

Most charging sockets are 220V sockets but there are more and more USB charging sockets, or even mixed ones.

Often we tend to think that these systems are installed only at the origin, that is to say, during the manufacture of the vehicle, but in reality they are systems that are easy to install and it is increasingly common to find companies that have decided to install recharging points on manufactured vehicles.

The trend is growing for this type of solution, for all the reasons mentioned above, but even more so because of the new individual entertainment solutions based on the passenger's personal device, which reduces battery life and forces us to have electric charging points for passengers.