Ready for group travel?

Although the importance of satisfying each passenger individually is well-known, there is a very special passenger profile which not only requires immediate entertainment but which is also a source of direct feedback throughout the journey for both the company and the rest of the passengers. We are talking about passengers who decide to travel in a group. How does this profile affect my entertainment system?

Business branding

The first aspect which will be evaluated from the first moment is your brand image. Unlike a passenger travelling alone, who does not have a target for direct feedback on the journey, passengers deciding to travel in a group will exchange opinions as they get onto the bus. Considering how accessible it is to post an opinion in real-time on social network profiles today, every detail must be considered.

 Let’s put ourselves in these passengers’ shoes for a moment. They will go through several phases:

  1. Arrival: As they get onto the bus and look for their seat, they will notice everything around them.
  2. Settling: As they sit down, they will likely begin to comment on their first impression of the journey (other passengers, cleanliness, friendliness of the driver, comfort of the seat, etc.). If the comments are positive they will begin the journey with a positive view of the company.
  3. The moment of truth: Once they are seated and settled, they must have a quality entertainment service available. If they do not, the feedback will begin to be negative, seriously affecting both the perception of the company and their frame of mind for having a good journey. Conversely, if they find a screen with hundreds of hours of entertainment in front of them, success is practically guaranteed. (We say practically because one of the most important aspects is required: quality content).
  4. Phase of fatigue: After sitting in their seat for some time, they will begin to think about their level of satisfaction without realising it. For example: are the seats comfortable? Is the driver doing a good job? Is the range of entertainment good enough to continue consuming content despite being fatigued? If the answer to any of these questions is “NO”, it is likely that the passengers travelling in a group have begun to make negative comments about the journey, which may affect the perception of the rest of the passengers.
  5. Arrival at the destination: The satisfaction of this group of travellers will depend on each and every one of the aspects with which they have interacted during the journey. If the journey met their expectations, the group will return; conversely, if their perception was negative, we may not only lose them as clients, but there is the likelihood that our brand image will be affected to a greater or lesser extent


Mass loyalty

Today, achieving the objective of our passengers’ loyalty is a difficult task, therefore having the possibility of satisfying a group of clients travelling together is a unique opportunity. Considering that the satisfaction will grow exponentially through feedback of perceptions, the ratio of “1 satisfied passenger + 1 satisfied passenger = 3 passengers on the next journey” will increase even further. There are ever more groups which compare offers before travelling, and having the opinion of not just 1 satisfied passenger, but of a whole satisfied group will increase both your reputation and your Return on Investment (ROI). We are in a technological era where any information can go viral, therefore positive feedback will be a differential factor against your competition on social networks. Can you imagine a passenger with thousands of followers on social networks getting on one of your buses? If their satisfaction during the journey is good enough to share, your brand image will surely obtain great visibility. If instead of 1 passenger, 5 with this profile share their satisfaction, the opportunities are immense.

Enhancing group journeys = Increased ROI

Due to the great competition in the sector, making an investment in improvements to your fleet must also be done intelligently. When this involves improving the service, we must first know our strengths and weaknesses for enhancement or improvement. To do so, we must have the appropriate tools to do so. At Azimut we have worked for years optimising our measurement tools to obtain the best feedback, as well as being able to provide you with the best advice thanks to having the best professionals on staff. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our objective is to offer you the best service.