Satellite Antenna, the best way to receive live Tv in the bus without interruptions

As we have been analysing in previous posts, the reception of the live television in buses presents some technological challenges which has to be analysed in detail in order to choose the best option available in the market.

Antena satelital para autobús o autocar

The reception of satellite television in fix locations like houses, caravans and campings do not present any technical challenge basically for two main reasons:

  • Perfect Orientation of the antenna to the satellite.
  • Possibility of increase de the diameter of the reception plate in order to increase the level of signal.

Obviously in a bus in motion we face a double problem. From one side we need a system able to track the satellite signal constantly in order to receive the different TV Channels, this is complicated to make it with in motion systems. From the other side due to the legal requirements, not only the installation but also the configuration and dimension of the equipment’s have to be analysed in detail. For example in many countries of Europe it´s not allowed to install an antenna which increase the high of the coach over the 4 meters.

Satellite Antenna provided with an auto-tracking system

From our point of view the best solution in order to receive satellite television in motion on board buses and coaches is the installation of a satellite antenna provided with an auto-tracking system.

Once we have clear that the best solution in order to receive Satellite Live Television is the installation of a satellite antenna, it´s interesting to analyse which are the two main characteristics that we need to have in mind in order to select the most suitable antenna for the selected coaches.

  • Price: Remark that the phased-array antennas usually have higher price than the conventional antennas .
  • Technical Characteristics: Link to dimensions and power of the received signal. As we have commented there are some buses where it´s very difficult to use all the antennas available of the market , specially the conventional ones, because its high will be more than 4 meters, something which is forbidden in many countries of Europe. From other point of view there are satellites which need very big antennas in order to be visualized, being impossible the installation of such as big antennas in buses & coaches.