Screens On-Board Buses: Reliability and Safety Certification.

On-board entertainment: the path to excellence.

On-board entertainment has become a cornerstone in delivering a positive user experience in passenger transportation.

It is true that although investments in safety and comfort are necessary, the on-board screens built into the bus seats undoubtedly favour a positive perception of the space by the user, who associates it with a modern, technological and comfortable environment.

The commitment of operators and manufacturers is clear: To offer a superior quality level in the field of installation and configuration of on-board displays on buses.

And this is where certification comes into play: all on-board displays for buses must be certified by the main international standards to ensure compliance with the highest levels of quality and passenger safety.

Homologación pantallas
In this image, you can see the points marked before the test, and the final result of the impact test.
Source: IDIADA Laboratory.


Certification of On-Board Displays

E-mark. High reliability

E-mark is a mandatory safety certificate in the European Union, which is applied to motor vehicles, systems, parts and technical components that are considered necessary for the equipment to be suitable and reliable.

To obtain the E certification, you must verify: the system, the parts, the components, and technical components separated from the vehicle to be certified. For this purpose, the products are tested in an accredited laboratory. If in these tests, the product is determined to meet the conditions stipulated by the regulations, an E certificate is issued and the right to put an E-mark on these products is granted.

  • approval of the E-mark: legislation that applies to members of the European Union (EU)
  • E mark approval: legislation that applies within the European Union as well as in Asia and Australia (1958 UNECE Agreement, between the United Nations and the EEC)

Impact test. Maximum safety for passengers.

On the other hand, there are mandatory regulations such as those for passenger protection.

In Spain, ROYAL DECREE 443/2001 on SAFETY CONDITIONS IN SCHOOL AND TRANSPORTATION FOR YOUNG PEOPLE requires a high degree of energy absorption by devices present on their transport.

These tests are carried out in official laboratories, where the team of engineers define the points of impact on the devices and carry out the test on the structures in order to check the suitability, efficacy, and safety of the components.

Valores del test de impacto

Azimut’s commitment to excellence

In summary, the market is changing and increasingly demands more professional, reliable and safe solutions. That is why certification is the way to guarantee the quality of products, and in the case of our on-board displays, the way to demonstrate our commitment to achieving excellence in product and service for customers who trust in Azimut.

At Azimut we are registered with the Ministry of Industry as manufacturers, thus allowing us to receive the relevant certification and approvals on the products we present to the market.

For more information, visit the on-board entertainment section of Azimut eMotion.