Setra evolution: Efficiency to its maximum, comfort and safety

As the years go by traveling evolves continuously and our needs as well.

Time can’t be stopped and vehicles to transport people evolve consequently under every aspect despite our memory suggest to us good old days were so much better. That’s because our memory fills the past with poetry and magic indeed but if you think carefully you can’t avoid recognizing that old travels were all but fast and comfortable.

Nowadays though one thing hasn’t changed: everyone still thinks that coaches are, generally speaking, slow and boring means of transportation. Clearly an airplane is several times faster but much depends on the way we exploit our time while waiting to get the destination.

It is so that most of the operators focus their efforts on making passengers’ experience more and more comfortable


A sure bet to stand over your competitors

If you want to join the others then, you should consider installing an entertainment system on your vehicles and Azimut can be your key partner. With our entertainment platform, passengers will not even notice how much time they spend onboard of your vehicle.

Setra and its latest family member

The last delivered in Setra family is S 513 DT, and it got its maiden trip to Valencia, showing off within the iconic frame of Calatrava masterpiece: City of Arts and Sciences.

The S 513 DT couples, as traditional in Setra, luxurious interiors and comfort in movement. It has a 12 liters engine that delivers 500 bold horse power, capable to make it overcome any uphill like nothing. The windshield, particularly, got a new stylish curvature that makes the whole front slick and smooth. That is not though the only purpose! The windshield curvature enhances the aerodynamics making possible to save 10% of gasoline compared to the previous model

Safety, safety, safety

For what concerns safety we know that Setra does not like compromises: the S 531 DT has a top-level ADAS system that alerts the driver in case of lane departure and, most important, of blind spot collision.

This means the driver can get an alarm in case any obstacle, either fixed or moving, is on the vehicle’s trajectory course.

This system is intended to reduce drastically the chances of impact with cars, people walking or cycling and more.

If you think this system can be usefully installed also on your vehicle, Azimut has a complete solution for you! Moreover, Azimut can deliver a complete set of surveillance solutions that allow the driver and fleet manager to monitor what happens inside and all-around any vehicle.