The digital rearview mirror: How it helps driving and improves safety

The digital rearview mirror offers a better field of vision and greater visibility for the driver than conventional mirrors. The digital rear-view mirror, through a system of cameras positioned on the sides of the vehicle, offers the driver optimal visibility, displaying in real time the images of what is happening on the sides of the vehicle and eliminating blind spots


What are the advantages of the digital rearview mirror over the conventional rearview mirror?

Conventional mirrors offer a simple reflection of what is happening to the sides and rear of the vehicle and are exposed to environmental conditions such as rain, snow or too little or too much light, which can affect the driver's visibility. In addition to helping to comply with the R46 Regulation , the digital mirrors offer wide and clear visibility in difficult environmental conditions, both day and night.


Optimal visibility in extreme conditions thanks to the digital rearview mirror

The mirror monitor allows you to adjust the visibility and adapt it to adverse conditions of rain, snow, sun or dust. In addition to offering sharp, high-definition images, the mirror allows you to adjust elements such as light, brightness, night vision and horizontal and vertical position, which the driver can adapt according to environmental conditions.


Eliminate blind spots and secure lane changes with the digital rearview mirror 

Blind spots represent a danger to all types of vehicles , especially those with larger volumes. Conventional mirrors have a limited field of view, which can often hide moving objects, such as vehicles or pedestrians. The digital rearview mirror offers a much wider field of view , eliminating blind spots and improving safety while driving.

The digital rear-view mirror also provides the driver with guidance on the lateral distance of vehicles, which allows him to make lane changes safely. Using a color guidance system, the driver can see how far the vehicles are to the side and know when he can safely change lanes.



Replacement of conventional mirrors

By incorporating digital mirrors, conventional mirrors are eliminated, resulting in a reduction in the actual size of the vehicle, a reduction in the number of accidents due to the breakdown of conventional mirrors and an improvement in fuel consumption by reducing air resistance.


The digital rearview mirror - Innovation and safety within reach of your fleet or vehicle

The digital rear view mirror offers a number of advantages over conventional mirrors: its ability to eliminate blind spots, adjust visibility in adverse conditions, improve vehicle performance and provide indicators for safe lane changes add great value to the driving assistance and improve road safety.