Azimut on-board safety systems and DSM Driver Monitoring System

Safety in collective passenger road transport is vital for all companies in the sector. This depends on two essential elements: the systematic reviews of the fleet and the safety systems on board. Our R+D+I department has developed a combined intelligent system that effectively prevents the most important and frequent risk situations.


Security systems on board Azimut

The in-depth study of needs and the research and development of the most modern technologies has led us to configure two basic active systems . These guarantee both the safety of your passengers and that of the professionals behind the wheel that make up your team.

The first of these is a complete set of driving assistance focused on providing the driver with information and warnings of all external incidents that may pose a risk during the journey. It is what we call the ADAS system , an acronym in English for what would be translated as “Advanced Driving Assistance Systems”.

The second, but no less important, is an intelligent system aimed at detecting possible human error . This solution is called DSM , also as a transcription of the acronym of its name in English, “Driver State Monitoring”.


DSM, for driver monitoring

The DSM safety system is one of the most important, since with it we cover one of the main causes of catastrophic accidents : driver absent-mindedness and fatigue.

It uses another infrared camera and an intelligent artificial vision system, and is constantly focused on the driver from the side or front. It is responsible for observing your attitude and different indicators on your face. Through this system, the CPU detects unsafe or inappropriate behavior by the driver, such as the one who looks too far away from the horizon, uses the mobile phone, smokes, or any other circumstance that distracts his attention. And one of them, fundamental and that does not depend on voluntary acts or correctable attitudes, is driver fatigue .

Its facial recognition algorithm allows establishing a whole series of reference control points, adapted according to the physiognomy and characteristics of each driver. Thus, it is capable of detecting, even with sunglasses, any deviation from the normal parameters, alerting the professional through acoustic and visual signals.

These on-board safety systems meet all regulatory standards, and their learning capacity is benefited by the experience of thousands of vehicles that upload daily information in real time to their databases. They facilitate the work of professionals, adding value to your company and, above all, reducing risks.