Security solutions: how they help reduce the costs of your fleet

Security solutions can help optimize your fleet resources. In this article we will see the different security solutions that you can implement in your vehicles, and how they help you save and optimize resources.

Retrovisor digital MirrorCam

The new mirror systems based on high-definition cameras will be implemented very soon in buses. Their integration provides high driving assistance and safety benefits, optimizes installation and maintenance costs, and improves night vision and driving conditions. low visibility. They also help reduce maintenance costs, as they are harder to hit than a traditional mirror. In the same way, its aerodynamic design helps save fuel consumption.

Artificial Intelligence Systems

ADAS advanced driving assistance systems allow the driver to detect pedestrians around the vehicle, notify of involuntary lane changes, or receive alerts of insufficient braking distances. Having this type of solutions in our fleet helps to reduce costs related to accidents, in addition to preventing risky situations, since they offer the driver seconds of margin that allow him to make safe decisions.

Blind spot detection systems

BSD blind spot detection systems are of great help in reducing blind spot collisions. They identify pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in a situation of risk for driving, It offers the driver all the information and time necessary to be able to maneuver safely.

Driver condition monitoring systems

DSM driver condition monitoring systems reduce accidents due to driver distractions, such as the use of a mobile phone, tobacco use, or distractions related to fatigue while driving. The system notifies the driver with an alert sound and another visual, warning about risk situations and thus helping to avoid accidents.

Automatic passenger counter system

The APC automatic passenger counter system is a high-precision capacity control system that allows knowing the number of passengers in the vehicle and in the fleet in real time. It allows us to know the capacity of the vehicle at all times, offers graphs and reports of entries and exits at each stop, provides knowledge of the periods and months of greater and lesser traffic, and helps improve the efficiency of the vehicles and the routes used.

Security systems manager

The AZIMUT BusBrain security systems platform allows efficient management of all the information generated by the different security systems installed in the vehicle, on the routes and in the entire fleet. By centralizing all the information around the same platform, we obtain a general view of our fleet in real time, of the incidents that have been generated by vehicle and by route, knowing where we should reinforce our fleet and where we can optimize resources.

Cost reduction of your fleet

Having access to data generated by your fleet's safety systems allows you to reduce costs associated with accidents, know how you can optimize your fleet's resources, and be in compliance with Regulation 2019/2144. Likewise, you have the possibility of saving on insurance policies by lowering the percentage of accidents.