Why is it necessary to survey the passengers?

How many times have we traveled and wanted to express our opinion, whether it’s good or bad, about our experience, but we never knew how to do it? We tread on the Communication Era, and we’ve got platforms such as social networks to give our point of view, though no one assures us that the company at which it’s directed to will read it. How do we do it to know the passenger information and their satisfaction level both effectively and efficiently? In Azimut we’ve got the answer; the satisfaction surveys.


The value of the surveys:

The entrepreneurial success is held on several pillars, and one of them is the high customer satisfaction. It’s necessary to offer a good service thanks to which our customers would like to return to, and so we can raise our repeat purchase rate. In fewer words, to improve our brand image.

To conduct surveys to our customers is our way to get into their skin, to know their concerns, wishes, experiences, etc., and to obtain information about the passenger, that is, to know the perceived quality by the user. Thanks to this we could lay the foundation for an increase in the quality of the service based on actual opinions.

The satisfaction surveys provide a fundamental value to our brand image, because that way we will know our strengths and weaknesses, and there is no better action that to fix an imminent problem before it happens. In Azimut we’re aware of the importance of knowing our customers so that we obtain the information on weaknesses on time. Thanks to this we could be in a continuous improvement process towards our customers and to raise our repeat purchase rate. To keep our customers means a customer retention time process, so getting to know the perceived quality is necessary.









Surveys adapted to your needs.

Thanks to the great functionality of our satisfaction surveys, these are adaptable to any need. As basic functions we find that the surveys can be customized on name and questions, to be programmed for a specific period, to choose how they’re shown and to select the language in which you want to configure them.

The data our satisfaction surveys can provide can be very specific or very wide. We’ve all been there when the time came to fill up a survey or an opinion article and the place in which we were writing ended up being small, as we wanted to expose our point of view as much as possible. The range of questions and answers our surveys offer includes: Questions with free answers (for those users who want to explain their experience to their fullest), multi-choice questions to choose between options of different types, and Yes/No questions.

Our satisfaction surveys are shown non-invasively, and their commencement is voluntary, but if what you need is to know urgently the opinion of your passengers about something in particular, we can program our surveys to be mandatory. What’s important is to not overwhelm the user, to improve the customer satisfaction.

The results are shown in a clear and concise manner, so they can be analyzed with ease.


Keys to convert the results into entrepreneurial success.

Each time an user answers a satisfaction survey, they’re investing time into exposing their experience, so a correct lecture of that data can translate into an increase in the quality of the service and a brand image improvement. In addition to this, we’d be having information on weaknesses perceived by the users at hand.

Obtaining information about the passenger throughout this process is very effective, and from Azimut we recommend that such data are taken into account, given how valuable they are. The continuous improvement satisfies our users. Furthermore, as one of our goals is that our customers’ passengers experience is ultimately excellent, we will assist you on every level so that both good and bad opinions are achievements in your entrepreneurial future, specially considering this business sector to be as competitive as it is, differentiation is the key.