System integration in buses

System integration, the key to the success of on-board devices and passenger entertainment systems

In the bus and coach environment it is essential to achieve system integration, we can have various connection options such as SAE, ticketing, driving monitoring, entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, cctv, etc. Traditionally each environment has meant the installation of a “black box” (or black box in technical jargon), which served a specific function, as more systems have been added to the vehicle the number of black boxes has been increased until the process of installation, maintenance and operations, expensive and complex.


Examples of typical “Black Boxes” that exist on a bus.

To avoid this problem it is convenient that entertainment solutions are prepared to integrate third-party environments, thus reducing the number of elements to be installed and having a smaller number of isolated functions.

Advantages of system integration

The two advantages that we can obtain are:

  • The elimination of redundant black boxes, to reduce space and simplify installation
    The visualization of the route information and destination time on the passenger screens.

How to achieve this systems integration?

There are several projects to achieve the integration of systems such as SIRI or “Service Interface for Real Time Information” that allows the exchange of travel data, stops, routes, etc., or the new ITXTS project that seeks the standardization of device protocols on board.


A new standard for information exchange is ITXPT or Information Technology for Public Transport.

This standard allows the systems that comply with this implementation to share certain information and be knowledgeable of the systems installed in the vehicle.

You can also integrate HTML5-based software services with all the wealth available in these applications or there is even the possibility of virtualization, that is, having an internal application server on which other applications are installed.

The integration and unification of systems is a pending subject that will have to be addressed by the different manufacturers in the coming years.