The Commercial Exploitation of an S.E.I

Individual Entertainment Systems allow commercial exploitation and therefore a “monetisation” by the Operator, both as direct and indirect income and savings, enabling the ability to interact directly with the passenger.


  • Advertising: Advertising can be inserted before or after a movie (it is not allowed to interrupt the movie). You can measure the number of reproductions, program start and end dates of a campaign and other parameters used to manage and control these emissions.


  • Online Surveys: Currently the surveys are conducted outside the vehicle with a direct cost for people delivering the surveys at the source, collection on arrival and processing thereof. The S.E.I launches online surveys and assists the process.


  • Access Portal: With one simple and easy touch of the screen, passengers can access the website of the company, thus facilitating access to information of fares or anything else the company finds useful. We give passengers the opportunity to manage their purchases while travelling in a direct and easy way.


  • Corporate Videos: A direct channel to passengers, who otherwise would not see it unless they went via YouTube. The S.E.I. makes it easier to inform passengers about the existence of this video: it simply takes a few taps on the screen.


In short, “monetisation” via direct, indirect income and via savings is possible through active and ongoing management of our S.E.I, keeping channels of communication with our passengers alive.