The need for on board entertainment

On board entertainment is not exclusive to long-haul flights! Hereafter, most means of transport (railways, coaches, cruise ships) include an entertainment solution on board so as to increase the passenger’s experience.

In an increasingly globally connected world, passengers are no longer content to be simply reading: they also expect an internet connection.

In order to reduce communication costs (when it is available) very often transport companies put forward multimedia and interactive contents which they store in an embarked server on the vehicle/ train/ ship/plane, allowing the passenger to access a wide range of entertainment (TV, movies, series, reports, musical selection, games, tourist guides). This offer has a three-fold advantage for the transport companies.

The first advantage: it improves the passenger’s experience.

From the marketing point of view it increases the attractiveness of the transport offer. Apart from being different from the others, with a minimum of investment the company is able to fulfil the high expectations of the customer.

Second advantage: it lowers the cost of the internet connection bill and studies have proved this! A transport company that offered Wi-Fi with no content complained that his communication costs where very high. Indeed, most passengers used audio and video contents.

Since the on board installation of a variety content, his costs lowered by 60%! Naturally passengers only used the Wi-Fi for social networks, e-mails…

Third advantage: it monetizes the created media space

Proposing this variety of services provides a captive audience. Hence, monetization is done in different ways:

  • Proposing the direct sale on the platform: entrance tickets for excursions, snacks or traditional on board sales.
  • Proposing profitable content: certain passengers will be tempted to buy from the digital press, a recent movie, etc. Monetize the audience via digital publicity (adds): a captive audience is always looked for by advertisers. Therefore it is possible to include and sell the space to digital press through service selection: flags, pop-up, pre-roll video, microsites, etc.