The need to have on board one unique platform to link all these utilities

There are more and more new elements in the coaches, this poses a problem when installing them, and in order to have enough available space to locate all these servers and control units both on the driver´s panel as well as in other parts of the bus.

For this reason it is necessary to unite in only one server as many systems as possible, such as Wi-Fi, entertainment, Telematics, etc.

The idea is to have a central control unit and a server to control these systems.

Ideally the different businesses should reach an agreement about the integration of their software into one single server, such as we have nowadays in our PCs at home or at work, where all kinds of programs fit into it, but the interface which control them all is Windows.

This is the path to meet the need, both for the coach manufacturer and the user to simplify this process.

Servers nowadays have the capacity to perform these tasks, it is now necessary for the companies to reach an agreement on this. We hope that this will be the way forward.