Traveling with children. Heaven or hell?

Nowadays, when most of the trips made by bus are for leisure, is very usual to find the strictest passenger profile. The passengers that look for high-quality onboard entertainment and the one that not only their trip companions have to suit to, even the rest of the bus. We are talking about the kids. Because offering a high-quality service to a kid is, sometimes, a challenge.

Kids: the decision-makers of this generation.

While it is true that the most important point when traveling is safety, we tend to forget about the entertainment part. When we travel with kids it is VERY important to take with us the suitable entertainment if not, that trip can go from “The trip of my dreams” to “Welcome to your worst nightmare (and the one to the people that is traveling with you too). Even though they are kids, they know what they want to enjoy during their trip. That’s why it is becoming more usual that the adults chose the place and the kids chose how to get there.  The new technologies have given the kids a limitless power of decision because they usually investigate the onboard entertainment. If the kids feel unsatisfied once on-board, the trip will probably become a heart-breaking odyssey for the rest of the passengers. Furthermore, if we have in mind that there is no scape on a bus…. The challenge has been laid.

What should I take into account?

As we don’t know the preferences of all the passengers that will travel by our bus is very important to have a wide and varied content offer. Our passengers should have the opportunity of spending the trip enjoying a TV Show, listening to music, watching a film or even reading a good book. Because of the high competence in this sector, the operator’s investment in passenger satisfaction is increasing.  Nowadays the buses are not only vehicles that take us from A to B, but they also have to offer a high-quality onboard entertainment offer which will lead our passengers to repeat the trip experience in the future.

In Azimut we have spent a lot of years analyzing the passenger’s profiles to improve our content offer, that’s why we include at least 20% of entertainment-focused on kids. Even, as not every kid is equal and every year counts a lot making a higher difference between years because of their fast-growing, we have Baby-Friendly offer, in other words, we have content suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years apart from content suitable for older kids. Because the toddlers are the strictest kids and not having suitable content for them is a risk for the rest of the passengers if, for example, the kid starts to cry because of the boredom.

I own a school bus, is this content offer suitable for my service?

OF COURSE, IT IS. A school bus with onboard entertainment is a very strong point for your service because your investment in passenger satisfaction will allow you to generate new, what will lead to improving the branding of your own business and the one of the school you are providing the service

To clarify this point we are going to look at the examples below. From the 2 kids, which one is enjoying an added value that will improve his trip experience?

  1. A kid that takes the school bus which trips will last 30 minutes, and the entertainment offer he will enjoy is the one that he has brought in his backpack.
  2. A kid that takes the school bus and during the 30 minutes trip he will be able to watch his favorite TV Show and to play with the screen he has in front of him.

Which one of the 2 kids will get to class more motivated? Which one will go back to his house with the most positive attitude?

Sometimes, we forget about the details that make a trip awesome for a passenger.

I still don’t get it… Is that necessary to invest in kids and babies’ entertainment?

The answer is YES. We always have the possibility of sharing a trip with a kid, so it is VERY IMPORTANT to have a suitable content offer (Even taking care of the usability aspect). In Azimut, we want to raise the awareness of the disastrous experience a passenger can suffer after having a baby crying during 6, 7 or 8 hours on a bus trip. (It has happened to the most of us). We repeat. It is very simple to avoid this situation with a high-quality content offer. If you have any doubts and what to know more about how we can help you we ensure you that we are experts in onboard entertainment because we look closely at all the details for your tranquility.

If you want to know more just contact us. ¡Having the best content offer is easier than you think!