Increase passengers thanks to live tv.

TV, the most watched content with less investment

Increase passengers thanks to live tv.

Providing real-time television is an almost mandatory requirement for companies dedicated to perform coach hire and regular line services. Having passengers entertained is one of the main objectives, and that these can see their news channels, sports matches and / or television programs, helps the satisfaction of the service, and, in conclusion, to retain customers.

Audiovisual consumption has changed a lot in the recent years, as well as the quality of the content, but live television continues to be a very important platform within entertainment systems.

We must differentiate two types of television on board buses, DVBT and satellite.

The tdt channels that arrive through a DVBT receiver are broadcast by terrestrial repeaters like those that arrive at the houses, in these we will see the whole grid that is open in each country, be careful because some countries are also beginning to code these channels.

The satellite channels arrive installing a satellite antenna on the roof of the bus, there are not many models on the market and even less low profile.

These antennas for live TV are configured to receive one satellite at the same time and never lose it along the route, so they have a rotating joint and 3 elevation axes so with the movement of the bus and through a gyroscope the signal is not lost during the trip.

In these satellites we can capture the signal whether it is encoded or not, there are many chains that emit in encoding to make us pay for the platform of these channels, which is normal since it is their business.

This is remedied by installing a decoder of the platform between the antenna and the monitor exactly as we would do at home.

Currently, there are not many satellite antenna models on the market, and most of them are high profile. The height of the antenna takes on special relevance when we talk about maintenance. Having only 23 cm high, allows to avoid the technical incidents caused for example by the washing tunnels. Azimut is a pioneer company worldwide in the development of satellite antennas for mobility vehicles. Azimut´s FlatSat antenna has a height of just over 20cm, so it is optimal for installation in the upper exterior of vehicles such as buses, without any limitation of height (bridges, garages…).

The FlatSat of Azimut is configured to receive one or more satellites at the same time and never lose them along the route. This incredible capacity is possible thanks to a rotary joint, 3 axes of elevation and a gyroscope that allows bus movement´s does not affect the TV signal. In addition, it offers an auto-skew LNB.

In fact, the only thing that changes are that the antennas are prepared for this in continuous movement, tv for buses and onboard solutions of sat tv.

So, we can enjoy the grill of channels that we want, from the most watched payments channels etc …

The investment to equip a bus, and to watch live television on the central monitors, is from a satellite antenna or a DVBT receiver and / or a decoder if they are paid channels.

Passengers can enjoy live television:

1. On central bus monitors 2. Seatback screens 3. On passenger devices

Options 2 and 3 allow each passenger to select the channel that best suits their tastes.

In azimuth we can help you to select the channels that most interest you depending on the profile of the passengers, type of route, duration, countries through which it passes, etc … We put at your disposal, different communication materials to inform the passengers on board services available, tv channels and even the channel programming grill.

Live television content more seen with less investment, passenger like at home, passenger satisfied.