Why is it important that my WiFi system is dedicated to buses?

When companies decide to adopt WiFi, whether as a cooperative for internal use or as a service to their customers, they must consider several factors affecting the performance, management and efficiency of the network. In this sense, the choice of router is fundamental and aspects that affect the hardware must be taken into account. Where do I have to place them? What are the requirements of the environment? And that of the software? Is it a moving environment? Will I offer simultaneous service to multiple users?

Choosing Router Hardware Where will I place the router?

When choosing a router, it's important to know what it will be used for and where it will be placed . With the following three examples we can observe how the choice of the device on a physical level (hardware) is influenced by its function:

Specific hardware criteria for the bus sector

These were just a few examples to show how the environment in which the devices are installed has a significant impact on their choice. In the same way, a bus company that
decides to install the WiFi routers in their fleet, ensure that the hardware of the chosen routers meets the requirements of the environment .

Do I need specific software for the bus?

So far we've only covered the hardware and how it affects router selection, but what about the software. Does it also influence the election? The answer is yes.

As with any software, this must be specific to the sector or usage, e.g. B. A small company does not need the same management software as a large company.

At this point it can be said that the bus sector, like any other sector in the provision of WiFi service, has specific software needs and this is due to the following reasons:

1) It is a mobile non-static environment .

2) Simultaneous service to multiple users who are not
companies belong.

As we can see, the WiFi system software must meet both factors to satisfy our needs. This means being able to manage all the passengers connected to our system in order to control the network because the company is the owner.

Why NOT choose a non-passenger oriented solution?

Choosing a WiFi solution that is NOT aimed at the bus sector or passenger transport inevitably leads to poorer customer service. The reason for this is both poor reception and a poor mobile data connection, as well as the lack of functions for configuring and managing the network on the part of the transport operator.

This absence leads to the misuse of bandwidth by passengers, traffic of web data not intended for the public, and massive data consumption that drastically reduces our monthly data volume contracted with the telecom operator. In summary, we convey a negative perception about the WiFi service and therefore also about one's own company.