Wifi as a communication tool with passengers on board

We all are conscious regarding how important is to be connected& communicated with our passengers, reason why the companies are always looking for new formulas in order to reach their customers: tv commercials, radio, printed advertises, etc. Among all those new formulas, the most innovative and technological are moving out the traditional ones which are also the most expensive. In this post we are going to analyse a new channel to interact with the customers, the wifi as a communication tool with passengers on board.

Wifi como herramienta de comunicación a bordo con los pasajeros

Nowadays the marketing and communication formulas used onboard cover a wide range of possibilities from brochures to LCD Screens with rotating contents. Those communication systems offer not only advertising and informative contents but also passenger pools. Many times  those systems are not really effective because  the direct interaction with the passenger is really difficult.

In front of this traditional system, we find the wifi as a communication tool  with the passengers on board, a very valuable tool which will be able to provide as  a very useful information in order to improve the service offered. Besides that it do not have an extra cost for the company because it´s already offered onboard.

How to use the Wifi system to interact with the passenger

Using the onboard wifi system as a communication tool, we are able to transform the unidirectional communication ( company-passenger), because we are able to obtain feed back from our passengers. Doing that we can not only send information like advertising or pools to our passengers but also receive information from them from sources like pools, suggestions,….

This new communication channel is one of the most effective ways to communicate because we interact directly with the passengers in their own device, reason why the communication is very direct and personal. From other point of view this system solves one of the most complicated task for the operators which is the management of the paper pools give to the passengers that have to be converted into a computing language in order to be analysed.

Publicidad tradicional versus publicidad online

To finalise this post it´s important to remark how important is to install a wifi system on board in order to take advantage an exploit this new way of communication with our passengers.