Would any passenger pay 1.87€ per day to get access to the new movies: BUSPAD and AOD?

As mentioned in previous posts, one of the reasons why installing an entertainment system on-board might be interesting, is the possibility of enhancing revenue generation by the system itself. Either by the possibility of integrating an online store, by advertising management, pay per access to the internet or pay per Premium content; the fact is that more and more these systems enable the generation of extra income for bus companies.

We will focus this post on one of the modalities of income generation that is becoming very important within the sector, which is the pay per access to Premium multimedia content.

One of the main characteristics of the entertainment systems on-board is, certainly, offering a range of multimedia content such as movies, television series and documentaries. Multimedia content offered on-board, usually belongs to the catalogue that most of licensee companies of multimedia content are offering to operators. This content normally has a length of one year approximately and it is offered for broadcasting at very competitive prices. Bus companies usually offer their passengers the content without any cost, although it is true that the age of the movies makes it unlikely to influence the passengers on their purchasing.

There is now the possibility of obtaining premium content around 1 or 2 months old to the content licensees, to be integrated into the entertainment systems on-board, and that passengers can have access to them by paying an amount of approximately 1 or 2 euros per access to each content or 6 euros per access throughout the whole journey.

Usually the revenue generated by this type of premium content are either shared with the content licensee companies, or they have a cost higher than the normal content, but it is true that they offer the possibility of getting extra income for their integration.

Given the different routes that the bus sector covers nowadays, and also as there are many routes and tours throughout the European continent, adopting a system of paid content can be interesting for the companies in many of the routes.

At the end we are talking about influencing on the quality of services offered on-board, in addition to generating the possibility of increasing the revenues generated by the use of a multimedia system on-board.