What do I have to do in order to get
the best content for my passengers?

To have the public display license.

To obtain the digital files. (Movies, series, etc.)

To offer that content to the passengers, loading these on the vehicle's server.

Provide your passengers with content
in an efficient, profitable and safe way.

We want you to have the opportunity to offer the best content possible to your passengers, obtaining a return on investment thanks to the loyalty based on the satisfaction of your clients, and to the innovation.

Azimut meets every quality standard in this process, and it's certified and approved by the most important studios.

We're at your disposal to answer to your doubts through our free consultancy. Tell us what you want to offer to your passengers and we'll detail the most efficient and profitable way to provide the service.

We work as a team with you

>> First thing is to contract the non-commercial public display license. Every content's got a copyright, and to be able to use it we must count with their studios' and producers' approval.

>> We provide you with the digital files, which are acquired through labs authorized by studios and producers. It is not allowed to display titles that aren't acquired this way, for example, it is severely sanctionable to display a DVD that's meant for private use in a bus.

>> We store all the files in a server approved by the studios, as well as be DRM (Digital Rights Management) encrypted to avoid piracy. This way it's ensured that this content could be displayed safely, and with no economic sanction whatsoever for the operator.