Azimut control management platform

Fleet management, passenger profiling and data analysis

The Azimut Control cloud management platform allows you to manage your fleet of onboard routers and have the following features:

    Limit the speed and data usage of the users through a captive portal.
    Track your assets and find where they have been on a map.
    Have full usage statistics and reports.
    Remote control the routers.
    Have detailed info of the sessions the users have had.

Thanks to Azimut Control Cloud Management platform you will have access to the different configuration and report options. The main menu options when logged into the platform are:


Shows a general overview of your fleet.


Shows a list of all your devices, you can click on any device to see detailed information.


Shows a complete report of the usage of the routers and allows downloading detailed statistics.


Allows to configure the captive portal and Internet usage limits.

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